About プロフィール

Nara is inspired by Tokyo’s izakayas known for their party mega-mix of karaoke, extensive range of fine Japanese sake, whiskies and vivacious energy.

Nara is all of that, with the addition of a glitzy two-floor dining room serving ambitious hit-making fusion Japanese dishes meant to excite your palate.

Quintessentially refined, Nara boasts mezzanine levels awash with ornate furnishings, dark panelling, dominated by buzzy open bar and chandelier hanging overhead offering a polished ambience for patrons.

The multi-level space lends itself perfectly for sit-down casual dinners; intimate fete at the VIP section and made to house loungers on the upper floor that comes with impressive skylight for patrons to feast on Jakarta’s dreamy-lit skyline.

Promising more action than you can handle, Nara is here to ruffle your day and dominate your night - offering a new round of elevated moments for denizens in this megalopolis who are seeking more than the usual to their dining and drinking experience.